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Final push: Protect South Dakota elections

Election Day is nearly upon us, and the election deniers already are! Thank you for your support and for recognizing how important the 2022 South Dakota Secretary of State race is to our democracy. There are important ways you can help stop extremists from taking over our state government in these final few days before November 8th.

As a supporter of my campaign for Secretary of State, you already know that

There are lots of ways YOU CAN HELP get out the vote for my campaign and other progressive candidates:

Even if you haven't volunteered like this before, even if it seems scary, remember that DEMOCRACY IS ON THE LINE IN SOUTH DAKOTA, and find the best way you can to help save it.

For Democracy and for South Dakota, with deepest thanks,


* Also in Minnehaha County, election deniers who have bought into The Big Lie of a stolen 2020 election affiliated with South Dakota Canvassing have filed a late-breaking legal request MERE DAYS BEFORE THE NOVEMBER 8 ELECTION to delay or prohibit counting the ballots of THOUSANDS of legally registered voters in Legislative District 11.

* Again in Minnehaha County, as voting precinct superintendents picked up ballot boxes from the Auditor's office late last week to store to store until Election Day, Minnehaha County Commissioner candidate Nichole Cauwels video-recorded one precinct superintendent telling her that"I’m gonna vote about 50 of them and put them back in the box."

  • Cauwels says "He told me he was going to fill out ballots at home. Never smiled or said he was kidding or laughed even though I gave him the opportunity. He maintained his story and explained how he could get away with it or rather what he would have to avoid so he didn't get caught."

Another precinct superintendent was wearing a Kristi Noem campaign hat as he picked up a ballot box.

  • According to Cauwels, "His car also had a Noem sticker parked near the entrance to the building during voting while he loaded ballots and ballot boxes into the car while wearing his hat. [Minnehaha County Auditor Ben Kyte] said he told him to remove it but the picture clearly shows he is still wearing it. It's a blatant violation and he is still going to be in charge of a precinct. The picture clearly shows he is still wearing it."

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